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Psychologist formulated to support
memory, focus, and mood.



I first tried Halcyon because it’s difficult for me to bear down with tasks and focus on days when I am in the office all day. This changed that for me. Now I use it with my morning coffee to help me get in the zone. I just get way more done.
-Jake T.
I have been taking it for three months now, it feels like my work projects get done so much easier! The focus and energy is great but the surprising part was how it has the same effect everyday. I really feel the “time release” incorporated into the dose, the energy and focus last all the way to the evening. I’ve used other supplements in the past, and have to say that Halcyon is the real deal. I tell everyone about it.
-Ron M.
This may be the best thing on the market. I’ve tried basically everything under the sun, even tried meditation and hypnotherapy. So I have a lot of experience with trying to get focused. This is a home run.
-Brian B.

Safe and Effective Mental Performance

If you had an extra mental gear, what could you accomplish? Our team of scientists and entrepreneurs are driven by one core goal - to help you achieve that which inspires you. 

Halcyon is psychologist formulated to support memory, focus, and motivation using only FDA compliant compounds.† 

The result is lasting focus, drive and mental acuity to conquer any goal you set your mind to.†

Success has a Formula - HALCYON

MADE IN USA: All Halcyon products are manufactured in a FDA registered facility using cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and pass rigorous testing.

Nootropic: n, adj: Compounds that support cognitive processes including memory, concentration, and mood.


Halcyon is a growing team of scientists, innovators and professionals who are passionate about cognitive health and performance. Our teams are located in both New York and San Francisco. 

Dr. Marcus Weller, PhD

Chief Psychologist

Marcus has been a Founder, CEO, and Advisor to companies spanning consumer electronics, blockchain, and biotechnology since 2012. Starting in 2009, Dr. Weller served as 1 of 10 Americans selected by the Humboldt Foundation to develop scientific ties in the field of Psychology between Germany and the United States. While in Germany, Dr. Weller also studied Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Munich. After graduating from Wayne State University with a PhD in Industrial Psychology with a subfocus in Data Science, Dr. Weller joined Maxim Semiconductor in Silicon Valley before founding one of the first consumer Augmented Reality technology companies in 2012. Dr. Weller is an inventor on over 20 patent applications spanning areas including biotechnology, consumer electronics, and pharmacodynamics, and has been fortunate enough to learn alongside some of the best innovators in the world.

Dr. Jay Kranzler, MD, PhD

Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board

Jay has been a Founder, CEO, Board Member, and Advisor to leading life science companies for over 30 years. After graduating from Yale University School of Medicine with MD and PhD degrees with a focus in psychopharmacology, Dr. Kranzler joined McKinsey & Company where he contributed toward founding the Firm’s pharmaceutical practice. Later he became CEO of Cytel Corporation, which he took public before becoming CEO of Cypress Bioscience and Karuna Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Kranzler joined Pfizer in April 2013 as Global Head, External R&D Innovation, Pharmatherapeutics & Neuroscience Lead, Worldwide Research & Development.  During his career, Dr. Kranzler has developed drugs, medical devices, as well as diagnostics, and is the inventor on over 30 patents. Dr. Kranzler received the Innovator award from the International Society of CNS Clinical Development, and is an Adjunct Professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business and School of Medicine, and serves on The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute’s Advisory Board.

How We're Different

Halcyon Biotechnologies is a consumer life sciences company focused on cognitive performance. Halcyon's mission is to leverage science to enhance the quality of people's lives through cognitive health.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our board members are leaders in science and technology, passionate about optimal cognition. They guide the research and development of our product pipeline. You can read a detailed explanation of our development approach on our about page.

Our Supply Chain

During the manufacturing and distribution of Halcyon, there are a total of five quality and purity audits before product is shipped. All manufacturing facilities are located in the US and are compliant with cGMP regulations as stipulated by the FDA.

Our Intellectual Property

Our formulas are heavily researched and developed to be both potent and appropriate for daily use without building a tolerance - working in harmony with your neurochemistry. Our rapidly developing suite of IP reflects this unique approach to formulation.